Ejaz Khan was born in Bombay, India. His mother was a makeup artist and his father was a director in the film industry. During his younger days, a lot of his time was spent on film sets watching all aspects of filmmaking, including film costumes and wardrobe, that was where his love of photography and filmmaking was born. There he learned the power of storytelling, drama, and gained an appreciation for cinematic flair. These values stayed with him in his teenage years as his interests blossomed further into the realm of fashion. Seeking adventure and a new beginning, Ejaz left India for New York to combine his passions and become a fashion photographer. He shoots for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Twill, Noise, and others to name a few. 

Ejaz is expanding his photographic repertoire to the natural world. He borrows from the narrative techniques of the film/fashion storytelling and transposes them onto his animal subjects. He travels all over the globe to create some stunning imagery. A keen eye for motion allows him to break apart the seemingly untamable patterns of animal movement and capture striking moments that encapsulate the energy and magic of their behavior. View his collection of Black and White Fine Art Wildlife Pictures.